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12.5mm Fireshield Plasterboard - Wallboard Knauf 2400x1200

12.5mm Fireshield Plasterboard - Wallboard Knauf 2400x1200

Knauf Fireshield is a specifically developed plasterboard providing increased fire resistance when used in partition, ceiling and lining systems and also for encasement and shaftwall systems. Thermal Conductivity - 0.24 W/mK.

Price: £ 14.82
(£17.78 inc VAT)

30mm Rockwool Rockfloor Insulation Slab 1000x600 (pack of 2)

30mm Rockwool Rockfloor Insulation Slab 1000x600 (pack of 2)

Rockwool Rockfloor offers dual density thermal insulation for ground floors and acoustic insulation for separating floors.

Price: £ 46.05
(£55.26 inc VAT)

12mm SUPALUX Promat 2440x1220

12mm SUPALUX Promat 2440x1220

Promat SUPALUX is a strong, lightweight, non-combustible fire protection building board offering up to 240 minutes fire resistance. SUPALUX is also moisture resistant and can be installed before wet trades are completed and the building is weather-tight.

Price: £ 156.67
(£188.00 inc VAT) - Knowledge Centre

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5 Things You Should Know How to Repair at Home


13 May 2020

Your home is your castle until something goes wrong. That's the moment you're ready to pack a bag and head to Aruba. No one likes to deal with maintenance problems in their household, especially when you have to bring in the experts to take care of repairs. The price tag can get pretty hefty. You may not be a handyman or woman, but there are some basic repairs that you can take care of on your own. Knowledge is power. Find out about five things you should be able to fix in your home.

You Can Handle that Garbage Disposal Clog

You don't want to bite off more than you can chew when you take on home repairs. However, there are many that are many do-it-yourself projects that you can handle. If you are fortunate enough to have a garbage disposal, you know they can get clogged. Hold off dialing for a contractor or plumber. The first thing you need to do is make sure it is turned off. You may even want to turn off the power in that part of the house to be safe. With the right kind of wrench, you can open up your disposal on the underside to clear any debris.

Don't Let a Leaky Faucet Drive You Crazy

Everyone has had a leaky faucet at some point, whether it's in the bathroom or the kitchen. That little drip can keep you up at night. Waiting for a plumber can drive you crazy, not to mention the bill when the job is done. A minor leak could be a simple fix for you. If it looks like you have a loose fitting, the right wrench will help you to tighten it up. Hose clamps and a coupling may do the trick as well. There are plenty of online videos to guide you.

Take Care of that Running Toilet

It's happened to all of us. You flush the toilet, it does its job and keeps running. It's another pesky problem. You may be tempted to pick up the phone for your favorite plumber. Before you start paying high labor rates, figure out what the problem is. You may only need to adjust the floater so the water will go down the way it should. Otherwise, you can purchase a repair kit at your hardware store or home improvement store to replace any worn parts.


You Can Fix a Hole in the Wall

Holes in drywall are common. They could range from tiny openings from a nail to a larger hole due to an unfortunate mishap. You'll need putty to fill in the gap and a spackle knife. Smooth out the putty and let it dry. Sand it down until it is smooth. Apply fresh paint and you're all set. If your hole is too large to be handled this way, you may need a pro.

Give Your Air Conditioner the Attention it Deserves

There are basic maintenance tips you can follow for your air conditioner, whether it is a wall unit or you have central air. Before you do anything to your unit, turn off the power for safety purposes. Check for debris. Remove filters that are easily accessible to clean them. You should always check your air conditioner before you turn it on for the season. If it isn't working properly, it is time to call in professional HVAC repair services.

Be Willing to Challenge Yourself

You may not think of yourself as someone who is the do-it-yourself type. Why not go out on a limb to take on a challenge? If you have little jobs to do around the house, sit down and make a list of projects around the house. Prioritize the most important jobs. Decide if they are something you can accomplish with a little help from your home improvement store. Be patient with yourself when you run into little bumps along the way. You may be surprised at how much you can do. It will give you satisfaction and save money. If you are dealing with an emergency or the job is too complicated, you can always call in a professional. Flex your muscles and your mind first.