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12mm SUPALUX Promat 2440x1220

12mm SUPALUX Promat 2440x1220

Promat SUPALUX is a strong, lightweight, non-combustible fire protection building board offering up to 240 minutes fire resistance. SUPALUX is also moisture resistant and can be installed before wet trades are completed and the building is weather-tight.

Price: £ 156.67
(£188.00 inc VAT)

12.5mm Moistureshield Plasterboard - Wallboard Knauf 2400x1200

12.5mm Moistureshield Plasterboard - Wallboard Knauf 2400x1200

Knauf Moistureshield is a plasterboard manufactured specifically for use in areas of high humidity. The core formulation with silicone additive ensure the boards resistance to moisture. Thermal Conductivity - 0.24 W/mK.

Price: £ 17.81
(£21.37 inc VAT)

70mm Rockwool Rockfloor Insulation Slab 1000x600 (pack of 2)

70mm Rockwool Rockfloor Insulation Slab 1000x600 (pack of 2)

Rockwool Rockfloor offers dual density thermal insulation for ground floors and acoustic insulation for separating floors. Thermal Conductivity - 0.038 W/mK.

Price: £ 76.21
(£91.45 inc VAT) - Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre > Articles > 6 New DIY Projects to Try While You're Quarantined

6 New DIY Projects to Try While You're Quarantined


13 May 2020

If you’re stuck at home because of quarantine orders, you can make the most of your time by finding ways to do many of your home projects yourself. Learning how to perform a variety of DIY projects will help you manage your living space better and make life easier for you and your family. Here are six new DIY projects to try while you’re quarantined.

New Shelf Installations

Finding ways to make the most of your home’s space can prevent you from feeling cluttered and will allow you to keep more of your personal possessions at home instead of at an off-site storage facility. One of the best ways to go about this is by adding new shelving with some store-bought shelves, some nails, and a hammer. Shelves can even be installed in out-of-the-ordinary places such as on the insides of doors and along the sides of staircases. If you really want to try something that’s out of the ordinary, you can try creating shelves out of reclaimed wood, old wine boxes or even old books.

Design a Home Office Space

Even if you don’t run a business from home, designing an office space for yourself will allow you to accomplish tasks that involve a computer, paying bills or tending to other household clerical matters easier. If you don’t have a spare room, you can designate a nook or corner in a room that will serve as your home office space.

Instead of putting in a desk that will take up a lot of space, you can install a shelf to use as a worktable. A small file cabinet can be included to store many of your important documents. You can spruce up your home office space even more by putting up pictures and artwork on the wall to add more appeal to your work area.

Paint the Interior

A new coat of paint on your interior walls and ceilings can make your entire living space look cleaner and more refined. For DIY painting, it’s best to use brushes and paints that are excellent in quality even if it means spending more money to ensure a better finish. Paint rollers can also be used and may take some of the strain out of the manual work.

Primer should additionally be applied so that your new paint can last longer. You’ll want to have as many windows open as possible while painting and while you’re waiting for the paint to dry to keep from inhaling as many paint fumes. If you end up needing help with your interior painting, a qualified handyman can come to your aid. Search for one in your area by googling for handyman and your city, for example, handyman in Bethesda, and input your current location.


Create Floor Patterns

In addition to painting your home, you can make any hardwood floors that you have look nicer by adding some design work by stenciling unique patterns. Before adding any new patterns to your floors, the boards should be sanded and cleaned thoroughly so that everything goes on smoothly. A base coat of primer and glossy paint should then be applied to the floor. The stencils that you plan to use should be transferred to a foam core. You can then use the stencils to paint the floor patterns that you want. It’s usually best to start in the middle of the room and then work your way to the outer edges of the floor.

Make New Home Décor Pieces

You can give your home some extra pizzazz by making new décor pieces that have your own special touches. With some candle molds or a candle making kit, you can create new candles to add more light and style to your interior. Old containers can be painted over or have decorative paper applied to them to make planters that will go great in many rooms. You can also pick flowers from your yard or order real or fake flowers online to make bouquets that can be placed in vases to go on counters and tabletops.

Redesign Your Patio

If your home has an outdoor patio, you can make this space more appealing for outdoor lounging by adding some new additions. You can try installing new patio pavers if you have the right tools handy. If you have any small cracks or other minor damage on your patio’s surface material, you can smooth everything over to give your patio an even finish. Ordering some new outdoor furniture and a firepit online can also be advantageous for your patio. Better Homes & Gardens recommends enhancing the landscaping around your patio for further appeal.

Taking on some DIY home projects can be an excellent way to spend much of your time while you're quarantined. Investing your effort into these projects may save you from boredom and make your time in confinement pass quicker.