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30mm Rockwool Rockfloor Insulation Slab 1000x600 (pack of 2)

30mm Rockwool Rockfloor Insulation Slab 1000x600 (pack of 2)

Rockwool Rockfloor offers dual density thermal insulation for ground floors and acoustic insulation for separating floors.

Price: £ 36.84
(£44.21 inc VAT)

100mm Rockwool Rollbatt Insulation Roll pre-cut 1200x5500mm (5.76m2)

100mm Rockwool Rollbatt Insulation Roll pre-cut 1200x5500mm (5.76m2)

Rockwool Rollbatt provides effective, medium density thermal insulation in loft spaces and suspended ceilings, reducing energy consumption and preventing fuel bills in all building types from going through the roof.

Price: £ 53.65
(£64.38 inc VAT)

6mm Glasroc F MultiBoard 2400x1200

6mm Glasroc F MultiBoard 2400x1200

Glasroc F MultiBoard is a strong and resilient, non-combustible gypsum board with a water repellent plaster surface. It is used to contribute to the fire resistance of a wide range of building elements: partitions, cavity barriers, ceilings and floors.

Price: £ 27.65
(£33.18 inc VAT)

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Eco-Friendly Renovation Ideas for a Green Home


20 June 2018

Are you concerned about the state of our planet and wish to do something that will reduce the negative impact humans have on the environment? Well, start with your home’s renovation! Here are a few renovation ideas that will green up your home.

Don’t buy—reclaim!

Most people are obsessed with all things new and shiny, while they often forget the things that are actually important. The truth is, reclaimed items and materials not only produce zero pollution, but also have a vibe and character that can’t be achieved with any new item. So, consider reclaimed wood for your floors, walls or counters or find a few interesting old and discarded furniture pieces or décor elements and incorporate them into your renovated home. This way, you’ll keep landfills empty and conserve energy that would be spent during new item production.

Opt for sustainable materials

You will probably need to buy some new materials for your renovation, but as long as you pay attention to what you buy, you’ll manage to retain a green vibe. There are many green, sustainable and eco-friendly materials today that have a smaller carbon footprint than your traditional materials. Opt for bamboo or cork which are very sustainable. Choose locally sourced timber from sustainable forests and ask about the recycled concrete. Also, consider the durability of these materials as well! Materials that get easily damaged or deteriorate quickly are not eco-friendly and sustainable.


Conserve water

Water is getting scarcer all around the world, so make sure to do your best to conserve it and keep it clean. For instance, if you wish to consume clean water but don’t want to spend money on bottled water, you can invest in a water purifier for your household. There are affordable UV water treatment systems that kill 100% of microorganisms from your water and make it safe and super refreshing!

Be energy-savvy

If your renovation includes upgrading appliances and gadgets, make sure to opt for energy-efficient models. Big household appliances like fridges, washing machines and stoves tend to draw a lot of electricity, especially if they are old and not working properly. So, once you go shopping for new models, look for the Energy Star label with the information concerning energy and water usage. These new appliances will lower your water and energy consumption, conserve resources and ensure your wallet stays hefty!

Boost insulation

Did you know that cooling and heating account for almost a half of your total energy consumption? Well, now that you know, do your best to reduce energy loss and keep that heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer. Boost your insulation, especially in your exterior walls, floor and attic and check your home for draughts. Make sure your windows and doors are properly sealed and insulated. Double-glazed windows are also a great investment! They reduce temperature loss and provide you with plenty of natural light!


Reduce VOCs

Most traditional wall paints off-gas and leave your freshly painted room full of harmful VOC gases that can have a negative impact on your health and the environment. Luckily, there are low- and zero-VOC paints that are practically completely odorless. They are also very durable, vibrant and splat-resistant. These simple eco-friendly updates will make your home a much healthier place for you and your family and help our environment thrive instead of suffer.