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75mm Jablite Jabfloor EPS100 Polystyrene Insulation Board 2400x1200 (pack of 4)

75mm Jablite Jabfloor EPS100 Polystyrene Insulation Board 2400x1200 (pack of 4)

EPS100 Jablite is an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam board. EPS100 boards are suitable for applications requiring higher loadbearing capabilities - solid ground floors, roofs and basements of the building. Thermal conductivity - 0.036 W/mK.

Price: £ 87.25
(£104.70 inc VAT)

50mm Rockwool Cavity Wall Insulation Batts 1200x455 (pack of 12)

50mm Rockwool Cavity Wall Insulation Batts 1200x455 (pack of 12)

Rockwool Cavity provides a completely reliable and cost-effective method of insulating new masonry cavity walls.

Price: £ 34.44
(£41.33 inc VAT)

65mm Knauf DriTherm 37 Standard Cavity Wall Insulation Slabs 1200x455 (pack of 10)

65mm Knauf DriTherm 37 Standard Cavity Wall Insulation Slabs 1200x455 (pack of 10)

DriTherm 37 Cavity Slabs are for the thermal insulation of masonry cavity external walls, either partially filling or fully filling the cavity. Thermal conductivity - 0.037 W/mK

Price: £ 32.50
(£39.00 inc VAT) - Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre > Articles > How to Increase the Security of Your Home in 2020

How to Increase the Security of Your Home in 2020


13 May 2020

There are several ways to make sure your home is more secure in 2020. In fact, there are five strategies you really should consider. Each of these below suggestions is a proven way to ensure your home is safe.

1. Update Your Locks

If you have damaged or out of date locks, you are more susceptible to criminals being able to enter your home. Do not take this risk any longer. You should update your locks to increase the security of your home. You easily can find a locksmith that will work with you to ensure you and your loved ones are safe. These services generally are very affordable. And you should consider all of their other services like key duplication, too.

2. Install a Security System

Security systems come with more bells and whistles than ever. They are easier for you to use, and you also can more easily afford them. You can turn a locally owned security system provider for installation and servicing, and you also can locate providers online to take care of your needs. Before you choose a security system provider, you need to fully vet them. Ask for proof of their performance metrics and be certain to look into their customer reviews. Do not forget to go through each and every detail of their service plans, either. And once your security system is up and running, you must be certain to not give codes to anyone other than your loved ones who are your emergency contacts. If you have children in your home, then you must be mindful of who is around them when they are utilizing the security system.

3. Use Timers and Remote Technologies

There are some great technologies out there geared toward making sure your home is secure. And some of those products also increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. You especially should consider timers and remote technologies. They are easily affordable, and you should not have any problems finding them. Consider, for example, available lighting and watering systems. You can use timers and remote access with those products to make it appear as if you are home. Your lights and water can come on and go off at various points throughout an entire day. This definitely helps you lower your chances of security issues.


4. Pay Attention to Your Landscaping

If you only think about your landscaping in terms of curb appeal or style, you should know it can without a doubt impact the security of your home, too. Overgrown bushes and trees can be a lurking criminal's final stop on your property before attempting their crime. Be certain you have no spots on your property where a criminal could hide from your or the law.

For those of you who would like assistance with landscaping efforts, you should be able to find a landscaper in your community or nearby who can take care of your specific needs. And if you want to go at it on your own, you have great resources to help with you those efforts. Whichever route you choose, your home will look better, too. And changes to your landscaping also can lower your energy costs.

5. Build a Safe Room

Safe rooms, also called panic rooms, are growing in popularity. And you might have even considered one before. It definitely is an idea worthy of your consideration. You have professionals who can help you, and you can create a safe room on your own. Whether you want protection from criminals or storms, a safe room could be a wise investment for your family. It can without a doubt increase the security of your home.

Why would you put these security improvements off any longer? Turn to one or more of the above tips to ensure your home is secure. Make sure 2020 is the year you finally take your home's security seriously, and that you and your loved one are fully protected. These suggestions above will not drain your bank account. Bookmark this page today. You might want to access it again in the future. And you might want to share it with your family and friends, too.