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Reflective Foil Insulation Low - E (40m2)

Reflective Foil Insulation Low - E (40m2)

Low-E multi-foil insulation is a revolutionary product that can be used in all facets of the building reflecting up to 97% radiant energy while providing a full vapour barrier keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer.

Price: £ 234.95
(£281.94 inc VAT)

100mm Jablite Classic External Wall Insulation Board 1200x600 (pack of 24)

100mm Jablite Classic External Wall Insulation Board 1200x600 (pack of 24)

Jablite Classic External Wall is an insulation board made of ‘aged’ expanded polystyrene suitable for insulating the external face of external wall, finished with a variety of cladding and reinforced render systems. Thermal Conductivity 0.038 W/mK.

Price: £ 322.85
(£387.42 inc VAT)

100mm Isover CWS 32 Cavity Wall Insulation Batts 1200x455 (pack of 6)

100mm Isover CWS 32 Cavity Wall Insulation Batts 1200x455 (pack of 6)

CWS 32 are silicone impregnated glass mineral wool slabs providing high levels of thermal insulation in masonry cavity walls. CWS 32 is designed to fully fill the cavity between two masonry leaves in external walls. Thermal Conductivity - 0.032 W/mK.

Price: £ 44.05
(£52.86 inc VAT) - Knowledge Centre

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Modern Construction Methods Build Homes Faster


06 June 2015

Modern methods of construction (MMC) are at the very forefront of sustainable builds due to accelerated construction and reduced on-site work. Off-site factory production ensures labour-saving, cost-effective, more rapid construction which in turn, saves build duration. The financial benefits of reinforced concrete solutions are numerous and guarantee quality, flexibility and sustainability.

Precast Flat Panel System factory assembly of structural walls and floors encourages production off-site to be consistently high quality and is particularly suited to repetitive, cellular projects. Units consisting of doors, windows, envelope panels and services can be erected in a factory more efficiently and swiftly. This enhances productivity by allowing attention to detail, necessary for finishes and decorative cladding. Load-bearing elements can be factored into insulation off-site too with additional cost saving precision.  

Off-site modular construction in the form of 3D Volumetric Construction enables visualization of three-dimensional units, which are utilised when moved to site, in readiness for assembly.  Transported modules can be brought to site with services readily installed together with decorative cladding and internal and external finishes.

Alternatively, a basic structure can be transported on site. Factory controlled processes guarantee uniform quality in the creation of service-intensive units. This increases proficiency, facilitating faster, more efficient on-site assembly, which in turn, adds to cost effectiveness. Benefits of these precision-worthy, modern methods of concrete construction include: erection speed, utilization of fire and sound resistance, plus thermal mass. 

Tunnel Form is a fast-track construction method ideally suited to repetitive cellular projects. It is a formwork system specifically enabling time-pressed contractors to erect monolithic walls and slabs within a day’s timeframe. This efficient formwork system, in which ready-mix concrete casts are prepared off-site under factory conditions, increases accuracy.

It is economic, ultra-flexible, fast plus sound and fire resistant. Performance-wise, it is suited to the construction of university student halls, accommodation, apartment blocks and hotels. Additional information can be found under: 'High Performance Buildings using Tunnel Form Concrete Construction', published by The Concrete Centre. Click here to download.

Flat slabs simplify the installation of services because they can be rapidly constructed using a modern formwork that combines early striking, with flying formwork systems. Uninterrupted service zones beneath floor slabs enable prefabricated services. This maximises speedy, time-sensitive construction. With flat slabs, occupier flexibility is enhanced due to the lack of positioning restrictions of horizontal partitions and services.

Benefits of this manoeuvrability include alteration of internal layouts, addressing future structural amendments or changes. Choice of thinner, longer slab shapes with less reinforcement is available too, thanks to flat slabs post tensioning. Provision of Flat slabs powers labour-saving, cost-efficiency together with programme benefits.

Using HCC, known as Hybrid Concrete Construction, which combines in-situ cast construction with pre-casting to form a hybrid frame, delivers unrivalled, cost-effective quality for clients requiring fast construction. HCC is user-friendly, offers reliable performance and assures buildable, competitive structures.

For long runs of walling and similar constructions, Thin Joint Masonry is perfect in that it facilitates the reduction of mortar-depth from 10mm to 3mm or less. This results in greater productivity and faster laying. With additional use of large-format concrete blocks, (face size equivalent to two traditional concrete blocks), there is delivery sureness that increases construction speed by 13.5 per cent. The problematic issue of 'floating' is eliminated. Mortar cures faster and full bond strength is attained within one to two hours. Ultimately, this results in a greater number of courses being laid daily. 

For incisive, quick build wall erection, ICF or Insulating Concrete Formwork is premium, because expanded polystyrene blocks or panels are used as twin-walls. Sturdy structural build is achieved within this formwork using first-rate, factory-produced, ready-mixed concrete core. The remaining and expanded polystyrene blocks also offer superior sound and thermal insulation.

For swift construction of bespoke designed Precast Foundations, concrete systems are cast off-site in factory settings to guarantee a superior product. Precast Foundations are usually supported by connected concrete piles. This modern construction method reduces requisite excavation in contaminated ground and responds well in adverse weather conditions.

Beam and Block floors deliver greater durability than wood and boast added benefit of quicker construction.  Deep prestressed beams of 150mm and 225mm plus standard 100mm deep building blocks, span individual beams. Flexible loading conditions can be achieved with differing, variant beam centres. 

Block and beam floors are very easy to construct too; no fixing is required, as with wood, because gravity ensures that they do not more. They also provide a cost-effective, super-fast construction of a variety of flooring needs, from ground to upper floor levels and are very popular in both new-build homes and single story extensions.

Attributes of beam and block installations are many. They include reduced excavation and the key to easy assembly, without the need for specialist skills. Bringing industry-renowned flexibility they permit bespoke, high-calibre design-build and adaptation.

The speed of Beam and Block installations underpins security of greater safety in platform levels plus additional gains from being impervious to adverse weather conditions, damp, rot and vermin. Bringing enhanced adaptability, it provides longer spans than timber, making our installations suitable to sloping ground. Beam and Block floors are maintenance free, economically viable, and fire resistant with superior thermal and sound insulation.

Concrete may be a little unfashionable, especially for the exterior of buildings, but modern concrete building methods are providing cheaper and faster ways to build solid homes that will last for generations.

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Nick Carr is the director of Reinforced Concrete Solutions Limited, an Essex based specialist in all types if reinforced concrete construction. His company works on complex schemes and methods without compromising the quality and finish.