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100mm Rockwool Rollbatt Insulation Roll pre-cut 1200x5500mm (5.76m2)

100mm Rockwool Rollbatt Insulation Roll pre-cut 1200x5500mm (5.76m2)

Rockwool Rollbatt provides effective, medium density thermal insulation in loft spaces and suspended ceilings, reducing energy consumption and preventing fuel bills in all building types from going through the roof.

Price: £ 67.06
(£80.47 inc VAT)

65mm Knauf DriTherm 37 Standard Cavity Wall Insulation Slabs 1200x455 (pack of 10)

65mm Knauf DriTherm 37 Standard Cavity Wall Insulation Slabs 1200x455 (pack of 10)

DriTherm 37 Cavity Slabs are for the thermal insulation of masonry cavity external walls, either partially filling or fully filling the cavity. Thermal conductivity - 0.037 W/mK

Price: £ 32.50
(£39.00 inc VAT)

30mm Rockwool Rockfloor Insulation Slab 1000x600 (pack of 2)

30mm Rockwool Rockfloor Insulation Slab 1000x600 (pack of 2)

Rockwool Rockfloor offers dual density thermal insulation for ground floors and acoustic insulation for separating floors.

Price: £ 46.05
(£55.26 inc VAT) - Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre > Articles > Top 5 Benefits of Garden Maintenance to Your Home Outdoor

Top 5 Benefits of Garden Maintenance to Your Home Outdoor


27 Sep 2016

Do you have a beautiful garden in your backyard? Is it not as amazing as it used to be? Are you not able to find time for garden maintenance? If you answered yes for all the questions, then it is extremely important for you to know that the professional garden maintenance services can really be very helpful.


  • There are professional gardening services that have the required tools and instruments for pruning and decorating your garden.
  • Many gardening companies will offer you many other services than just gardening that include digging the irrigation systems and building decks. It is important to check out their services, the price and the stipulated time in which they can complete your work.
  • The main reason is that they have professionals who are knowledgeable as well as experienced working for them. They will ensure that your garden is healthy and looks beautiful. Img

What are the benefits of hiring a professional Garden Maintenance on a regular basis?

Benefit #1 - Saves Time:

In case you are the one who is doing the home as well as the garden, then it would certainly be hectic for you. Why don’t you hire professionals for the garden maintenance when you actually have that option? When you take up their services you can actually save a lot of time as well as efforts. Since the garden maintenance services have the manual axes, cutters and saws they can carry on with the cutting of grasses and with the maintenance of your garden in less time. You can get other important things sorted and also spend quality time with your family, while the garden will be taken care of by the professionals.

Benefit #2 - Professional Service:

When you were taking care of the garden, you did not have the required experience and knowledge about the grass, plants and soil. They ensure that the plants are healthy and the soil is the just perfect. The professionals possess the right knowledge on the type of fertilizer to be used and also the right amount it should be used in to ensure that the plants and flowers are healthy.

Benefit #3 - Set Schedule:

The garden maintenance company works on a set schedule. This means that they have a package set that ensures that the garden is perfect. You do not just need one professional service but need it regularly. With the scheduled services of the experts, garden maintenance is just perfect and you certainly get the garden you have dreamt of.

Benefit #4 - Add value to your House:

In the future, when you put your property on sale, with the perfect garden you can certainly get a higher value. Rightly maintained and healthy garden can add value to your property and isn’t this the best thing? Many people think that putting money in garden maintenance is not worth it since you are not going to get anything out of it.

Benefit #5 - Saves water and reduces energy bills:

The professional possess the know-how on installing the irrigation system. When the right irrigation system is installed in the perfect manner, you can certainly save water. Apart from saving water, the energy bills also get reduced. With the use of the sprinkler systems, the garden can get the right amount of water without wasting too much water.

With regular and periodic garden maintenance service, you can certainly get a healthy garden and what more do you want if that increases the value of your house?