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12.5mm Glasroc F MultiBoard 2400x1200

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12.5mm Glasroc F MultiBoard 2400x1200

Glasroc F MultiBoard is a strong and resilient, non-combustible gypsum board with a water repellent plaster surface. It is used to contribute to the fire resistance of a wide range of building elements: partitions, cavity barriers, ceilings and floors.
British Gypsum

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5 or more: £69.93 (£83.92 inc VAT)
10 or more: £68.91 (£82.69 inc VAT)
20 or more: £67.40 (£80.88 inc VAT)

12.5mm Glasroc F MultiBoard is a versatile, non-combustible, Class 0 gypsum lining board with an exceptionally smooth, paperless, water repellent plaster surface. It is a strong and resilient product, which has resistance to sag and offers excellent fire protection.

Boards consist of a gypsum core reinforced with glass fibre rovings and a tissue of glass fibre immediately below the surface of the board.

The combination of gypsum and glass fibre gives Glasroc F MultiBoard the inherent flexibility and makes it ideal for curved applications both convex and concave.

Available in square and tapered edge - please specify edge type during checkout.


Glasroc F MultiBoard is an ideal lining board for many applications in domestic, industrial and commercial buildings where impact resistance is of prime concern, both new build and refurbishment including:

  • decorative finishes - shopping centres and malls, foyers and atriums, in shop fitting, sports halls and high traffic areas
  • all forms of partition and ceiling linings
  • wall linings
  • curved applications both convex and concave (barrel vault ceilings or bulkheads)
  • timber joist floors
  • cavity barriers and beam and column encasements
  • lift shafts and stairwells, corridors and auditoria
  • bathrooms

Glasroc F MultiBoard can also be used in semi-exposed situations such as:

  • roof eaves
  • canopies
  • carports and floor under-linings where perimeters are open to the elements

Glasroc F MultiBoard should not be used for external perimeters for any other purpose.

Advantages of 12.5mm Glasroc F MultiBoard by British Gypsum:

The unique manufacturing process developed and patented by British Gypsum produces a strong and resilient building board, which is characterised by following benefits:

  • Class 0 building regulations classification
  • excellent fire protection
  • increased levels of moisture performance
  • Glasroc F MultiBoard is resistant to sag
  • great impact resistance; boards are not prone to cracking or shattering
  • Glasroc F MultiBoard can be used to contribute to the sound insulation of many constructional elements
Thickness: 12.5mm
Length: 2400mm
Width: 1200mm
Pack size: 1
Area per pack: 2.88m2
Material: gypsum board reinforced with glass fibre
Board weight: 30.53kg
Thermal conductivity: 0.30 W/mK
Thermal resistance (R-value): 0.04 m2K/W
Surface spread of flame: Class 1
Building regulations classification: Class 0
Fire resistant: YES
Surface condition: White gypsum face; White gypsum reverse side